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A Lifetime of Music

Gospel and soul music sit as the bedrock of my influences.  My first performance would have been for fifty of the finest English pence per week as a chorister in Saint Thomas's church Stockton Heath Warrington UK.
I started my journey as a songwriter in the contemporary christian music scene, mainly using music as a method of conveying a message. My writing has taken a broader road in the last fifteen years. Sometimes it's wanting to say something thats a warning or a message, mostly its a view through a camera lens. How I see the world. 
I suppose Gospel music sits at the heart of most good pop, folk, funk, country, etc. Its about reaching for something higher, could be a higher love, future. I connect with those songs that nod to gospel music and take you out of the here and now. Could be BB King letting loose with U2 or Marc Cohn getting down with the Blind Boys of Alabama. Music where there isn't an agenda to be peddled but a pouring out of love for music and each other.  That's the good news, that music and communion with each other through music is freely available.




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